Stay Fit All Year Round

If you’re in school or working a routine job every day, sometimes it may be difficult to squeeze in exercise or other activities.  We also know that working out the same routine might get boring if you’re doing the same thing every day.  That’s why we’ve started Breen Title, dedicated to helping you stay fit all year round with fun activities and sports.  During the summertime, we will get together twice a week (or more) for soccer and tennis games after dinner.  We might start another sport or activity if there are more people wanting to join.


The point of this group is to help those of you who aren’t motivated by gym workouts or have a hard time motivating yourself to exercise.  By joining our group, you can hold yourself along with everyone else accountable and ensure that you’ll be exercising weekly.  We genuinely believe that staying active will encourage a healthy lifestyle so we’re going to push that goal around to everyone in the group.  We hope you’ll join and have a great time!