Indoor Soccer & More Information

I’ve gotten quite a few emails from those of you interested in joining our soccer team/group.  A lot of questions were asked about what happens in the winter when it’s too cold to play soccer and tennis outside.  Well, we’ve been doing some research and have found a solution!  We’ll be playing indoors during the cold months.  We’ve found an indoor dome for soccer playing, so we don’t need to worry about running around outside in the snow (might be fun though)!  This dome has pretty much everything we need – soccer field, change rooms, indoor heating.


Thus far, we haven’t calculated the indoor soccer dome cost yet, so as soon as we have that information, we will be sending it your way!  Expect more emails about that as well as some other information.

We’re super excited to start this team exercise/getting fit group!  A bunch of you have emailed me to join, and we’re almost full for soccer!  Instead of playing full games, which would take way too long, we’ll be splitting up into 4 teams.  Then we’ll be playing sets.  Team A against B, then C against D in half hour sets.  Then we’ll switch – A against C, B against D.  Every week we’ll be playing twice and at the end of each week, we’ll switch up the teams.  We really encourage everyone to get along which is why we like to switch up the teams weekly.  That way, everyone will have a chance to play with everyone!

For tennis, it will be a different type of set up.  We will also be meeting twice a week on different days than the soccer days.  You can either sign up with a partner or we can assign you a partner.  Then we’ll be playing sets again and we’ll switch up the sets every night so that everyone will get a chance to play.

We’re really excited to get this started!  A great goal for each of you is to try to at least show up all four nights of the week.  We understand if you aren’t able to; everybody gets busy sometimes!  However, do your best to come to all the activities because once you set your routine to that, it gets much easier to continue to show up!